About us

Our aim is to promote the concept that Beards Are Makeup for Men. However, this ironic concept is about so much more than that. It takes confidence, patience, determination and creativity to grow a beard; and we want to instill those values into our customers. Bottom line: We want to empower men to confidently embrace the hair that naturally grows on their faces. I remember trying to grow my beard out as a teenager, but I became frustrated with the gaps and uneven growth patterns. I found myself constantly going back and forth between shaving my beard off and growing it back. As my patience grew, I eventually learned to trust the process and now I can’t picture myself without one. I began to receive numerous compliments from women (except my mother) about my beard, thus making me more confident in the way my beard looks on me. Now, I am more determined to make my beard look even better. People will always take notice when you are confident, determined, and patient about anything you do in life. Growing my beard out has also made me more creative with shaving it in different styles to personalize my appearance. Sometimes I rock the full beard. Sometimes I stick to a neat goatee. Sometimes I prefer the 5 o’clock shadow. Sometimes I pair the chinstrap with the soul patch. The possibilities are truly endless. Many women spend top dollar for expensive makeup products that can totally transform their appearance. These products can be used to make women look more mature, to cover up blemishes, and as a form of artistic expression. Growing a beard is a natural way for men to do those same things. As the United States of America seems primed and ready to elect its first ever female president, the topic of female empowerment is hotter than ever. Women are encouraged and empowered to embrace the things that make them different from men. What about male empowerment? Is that even a thing? We want to change the narrative on what it means to be an empowered male one beard at a time, and that’s what we embrace. Beards Are Makeup for Men is more than just an ironic concept. It's a lifestyle.

- Brandon J. Green (Co-founder and CEO of Beards Are Makeup for Men)