Major Key: Beard Grooming Tips

As obvious as this site is, let's say you're someone who's, after some curious navigating, just now considering growing their beard out or in need of some grooming tips to grow a fuller, healthier beard and you don't know where to begin. We've all been there. Our guys at Birchbox provide 8 great tips to help you get started on growing your legendary mane or at the very least improve your routine. 

Personally, my favorite tip has to be the first no matter how obvious it is which is to simply be patient. The beard growing process is a very long, slow cooking type of journey and you need to nurture it the way you do anything of importance. Treat it like your confidant. Treat it like your collection of Pokemon you've spent hours chasing around the city. Treating your beard with a little TLC equates to it treating you with a profound, individual look that elevates every thing you have going for you. You'll go from feeling like a bench player to a franchise All Star like my mans James Harden. 

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