Beards and Babes

Are you a guy wondering if growing a beard will give you more "juice" when it come to the ladies? Well this one is for you.

Before you jump to conclusions thinking "well of course ill grow a beard, all women like beards!" SLOW YOUR ROLL! whether you grow a beard or not, it isn't up to you to determin how the ladies are going to perceive you. Because while some chicks like a full blown Rick Ross beard, there are others that prefer that 2008, comeback season, smooth shaved Drake face.
While us guys tend to associate beards with being macho, women might not always agree. They associate men with beards as being untidy ad lacking good hygiene. And sure so what some guys have rougher beards, even for those guys with nice clean beard it still might not matter. its all about perception, that's a MAJOR KEY! So once she knows that beards are a no go, it'll be hard trying to get her not "Fear the beard" (word to the beard god James Harden).
Now on the other hand there are ladies who flock to guys with beards. They see those guys to be macho and think they can protect them in case of danger. As we know the functions of ornaments is to add to the attractiveness of a person. Some women see beards in men as such and thereby find them physically attractive. Just as necklaces, bracelets, and facial MAKEUP can make a woman look more beautiful,
So you think a little facial hair will bring the dimes running to you, just keep in mind these things, and know the beard could work and it also couldn't.
So good luck and remember, Beards are makeup for men!

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